Progressive Coil Springs

Landrum Progressive Coil Springs for circle track cars give you rugged and dependable performance that’s trusted by racers nationwide.

Progressive Coil Springs for Circle Track Cars

In the 1960’s, Landrum Springs owner Robert Landrum, who was also a dirt oval racer, used his racing experience to engineer high performance racing springs that quickly became popular with local racers. As oval track racers nationwide discovered the performance advantage of Landrum Springs, the company became the go-to source for high performance racing springs.

Today, we continue to work closely with racers to deliver the best performing progressive rate coil springs. We ensure Landrum Performance Springs Progressive Coil Springs deliver the performance, durability and long-term consistency racers need to take the best set, every time.

What’s the Difference Between Progressive Coil Springs and Constant Rate Coil Springs?

While constant rate coil springs are wound to have equal spacing between the coils, coil spacing of progressive springs varies with narrow spacing at one end of the spring, and wider spacing at the other.

Constant rate coil springs compress at a linear rate, meaning rate of force needed to compress the spring a certain amount remains the same. For example, a spring with a 300 pound-per-inch linear rate (also known as the rate of deflection) will compress one inch when 300 lbs. of compression force are applied. The spring will compress another inch if an additional 300 lbs. of force is added, and so on.

With Progressive rate coil springs, the rate of deflection increases as the as the spring is compressed. The spring has a softer rate at the beginning of its range of travel. So, it can easily cushion small compression forces and shock loads. As compression forces increase the spring progresses to a higher rate to handle larger compression forces.

What’s the Benefit of Progressive Springs?

When it comes to circle track racing, the initial lower spring rate allows the suspension to smoothly take a set as the car enters a corner, and the higher spring rate comes into play as spring compression load increases when weight transfers as the car progresses through the corner.

What Metal are Landrum Springs Made With?

Landrum produces coil springs with the highest quality US made High Tensile Chrome Silicon Alloy Steel. This results in springs with superior strength, reliability, and the ability to retain their original high-performance qualities after repeated use.

Landrum Progressive Coil Spring Sizes

Diameter: 5” OD

Length: 13”


  • 125-300 lb./in.
  • 150-350 lb./in.
  • 175-400 lb./in.
  • 200-450 lb./in.

Learn more about how Landrum Springs are designed and manufactured here.


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