Tight Helix Coil Springs – Elite Series

What Are Tight Helix Coil Springs?

Landrum Tight Helix Coil Springs feature more coils and tighter coil spacing. This allows for a higher spring load rate with less travel. They also achieve coil bind faster than conventional springs.

Tight Helix springs feature closely wound coils for a higher number of coils per unit length than a spring with a wider pitch. This allows for a more compact design compared to wider pitch springs.

Many racers and dealers asked Landrum to make these springs, and we delivered. Multiple test sessions were performed to ensure the perfect tight helix rear coil spring.

What Are the Benefits of Tight Helix Coil Springs?

  • Reduced spring bowing which avoids shock damage that can be caused by spring contact.
  • Improved handling, braking and acceleration.
  • Short spring length/high load spring rate provides for a higher spring rate in a confined area.

How do Tight Helix Springs Improve Handling, Braking and Acceleration?

The increased spring rate of tight helix racing springs helps to minimize body roll when the vehicle is subjected to lateral forces during cornering. This leads to more stable and predictable handling.

Tight helix racing springs can help improve the stability of the vehicle by reducing pitch and dive under braking and acceleration. This ensures that the tires maintain better contact with the track surface.

The Best Tight Helix Coil Spring Design

Landrum high performance engineering and materials provides racers with the best Tight Helix Coil Springs.

  • Designed using the latest spring design software and state-of-the-art engineering technology.
  • Produced with US made High Tensile Chrome Silicon Alloy Steel for superior strength, reliability, and the ability to retain their original high-performance characteristics after repeated use.

Landrum Tight Helix Coil Springs are tested to consistently be within 2% of specification. This ensures racers get the spring rate they are expecting. We prove it with a dyno sheet provided with each spring showing the performance of the spring as it is compressed. No other racing spring manufacturer does this.

Tight Helix Coil Spring Sizes

Landrum Tight Helix Coil Springs are designed for rear suspension applications and are currently available in the following sizes.

  • 5.0” OD
  • Free Length: 11”
  • Rates: 175, 200, and 225 lbs. per inch

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