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    Coil Over Barrel Springs

    Every Landrum Performance Coil spring comes with a dyno sheet. The dyno sheet shows the dynamic rate and force output for the spring in 0.200” increments. This allows the customer to know exactly what the spring rate is and means when you change a spring, you know exactly what change is being made.

    Available in lengths of: 11″, 12″ , 13″, 14″, 15″ & 16″

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    Black coilover spring with 2.5" diameter. Standing on end.

    Coilover Springs 

    Landrum High Travel, Lightweight, Precise and Dependable Coilover Springs

    Race proven Landrum coilover springs are specially engineered for high travel applications including circle track, drag racing, street and offroad. Manufactured in the United States with the highest-quality Chrome Silicon steel wire, our coilovers are engineered for maximum high travel performance, long service life and to be lightweight. Every spring is preset to solid height during manufacturing, allowing them to be compressed to solid while providing consistent high performance throughout their range of travel. Using incredibly precise manufacturing tolerances, we ensure all our springs perform exactly as they were originally engineered. Each Landrum coilover spring comes with a dyno sheet showing its dependable performance.

    Available Coilover Spring Sizes

    • 4-inch to 18-inch lengths
    • 1-inch to 3.75-inch ID
    • 50 lb./ft to 850 lb./ft spring rates

    Circle Track Coilover Springs

    Landrum circle track coil over springs have helped put many drivers in the winner’s circle. Including racers of oval dirt track, dirt modified, dirt late model and oval pavement cars. Landrum springs are designed to exceed the high-performance demands of racing.

    Offroad Coilover Springs

    High performance offroad suspensions need durable high travel springs that provide consistent performance throughout their range of travel. Landrum offroad coil over springs provide just that. Our wide variety of spring sizes and rates allow you to find exactly what you need for your offroad suspension set up.

    Street Performance Coilover Springs

    Coilover suspension conversions for street performance cars continue to grow in popularity. Landrum makes it easy to find street performance coil over springs in the right length, ID, and rate to help your car handle and ride the way you want.

    Landrum Hot Rod Coilover Springs

    With hot rods, stance is what it’s all about. Landrum hot rod coil over springs are offered in sizes so you can get the stance that makes your ride look great. Our lightweight, precise, and dependable springs give you what you need.

    Learn more about Landrum’s tight spring tolerances here

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    Black Paint Conical Coil Over Springs Standing on end

    Landrum Performance Conical Coil Over Springs taper from a 5.0” OD to a 2.5” ID to prevent bowing that can occur with long and slender coil over springs. Using the proper hardware, the high travel, low-rate conical spring can be used as coil-over springs or conventional mount springs.

    Durable and consistent Landrum Performance conical coil springs are designed for circle track, dirt late model, and pavement late model cars.

    Advantages of Conical Coil Over Springs

    • The conical spring shape provides greater lateral stability to avoid lateral deflection.
    • Conical coil springs allow more precise control of spring deflection.
    • When compressed the tapered spring coils fit into the other (coil telescoping). This decreases solid height at full compression to provide a higher range of travel.
    • The linear spring rate from free length to solid height provides a more usable range of deflection.
    • Lighter weight than non-tapered suspension springs.

    Landrum Quality

    • Produced with the highest quality US made High Tensile Chrome Silicon wire.
    • Manufactured to the tightest tolerances in the industry and guaranteed to hold their tolerance to 2%. We prove it with a dyno sheet included with each spring.
    • Durable

    Conical Coil Over Spring Sizes

    • Free Length: 18”
    • 5.0” OD and 2.5” ID
    • Available Rates: 50, 75, and 100 lbs. per inch

    Additional Landrum Performance Springs technical information can be found here.

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    Black colored dirt Late Model Coil Over Springs standing on end

    Landrum Dirt Late Model Coil Over Springs are designed especially for Dirt Late Model cars and are engineered for maximum travel, clearance and coil spacing to meet and exceed the extreme demands of this race series. These springs are designed to meet target load numbers without failure.

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    Black colored progressive coil over spring standing on end

    Landrum Progressive Coil Over Springs provide the reliable and consistent high performance you need to win.

    What Are Progressive Coil Over Springs?

    Progressive springs provide a varying spring rate throughout their range of travel. The initial spring rate is low but progressively increases as the spring is compressed. The springs are commonly used in circle track racing applications to help control body roll when cornering.

    How Do Progressive Rate Coil Over Springs Work?

    Progressive rate coil over springs are produced with varying coil spacing. At one end of the spring the coils are narrow spaced and as the coils progress to the other end of the spring the spacing becomes wider.

    When the spring is minimally compressed all coils of the spring are active and a lower spring rate is in effect. As the spring is further compressed, such as when a car takes a set as it enters a corner, the narrow-spaced coils collapse on top of each other until they touch, which is also known as “going solid”. When this happens the number of active coils of the spring is reduced, which results in a higher spring rate.

    What Type of Steel is Used for Progressive Coil Over Springs?

    We manufacture our progressive coil over springs using the highest quality US made High Tensile Chrome Silicon Alloy Steel for strength, reliability, and to maintain their original high-performance characteristics after repeated use.

    Landrum Race Proven Performance

    Since 1966, Landrum Performance Springs have helped put racers in victory lane. Racers and crew chiefs trust Landrum for the best spring performance.

    Progressive Coil Over Spring Sizes

    • 2.5” ID
    • 10”, 12”, 14” and 16” Lengths
    • Rates:
      • 175-350 lb./in.
      • 140-375 lb./in.
      • 200-400 lb./in.
      • 250-400 lb./in.

    Learn more about how Landrum Springs are designed and manufactured here.

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    This is one of Landrum Performance Springs Quarter Midget Springs that is used on Quarter Midget race cars.

    Best Performing Quarter Midget Springs

    Landrum Quarter Midget Springs have the highest travel and tightest manufacturing tolerance in the industry. US Made High Tensile Chrome Silicon Wire is used for a high strength and ultra-lightweight spring. Offered in 4” and 5” free length sizes and many spring rates to allow tuning for all track conditions. Landrum is proud to bring racers the best performing Quarter Midget Springs.

    Race Proven Performance

    Race proven Landrum Quarter Midget Springs reduce unsprung weight and go through a rigorous press and heat treatment process to ensure they are the most accurate and reliable 1/4 Midget Springs on the market. Their high travel spring design provides superior and consistent performance when the going gets bumpy.

    Quarter Midget Spring Sizes

    • Landrum Quarter Midget Spring sizes feature 4-inch and 5-inch free height with a 1.625” ID.
    • Available spring rates of 75lb/ft up to 125lb/ft help dial in quarter midget suspension setup for the best track conditions to the worst.
    • Superior engineering and manufacturing techniques ensure the tightest spring tolerance

    Made in the USA

    Since 1966, Landrum Performance Springs has been providing racers with race winning high performance springs for circle track racing. Using only the best US sourced High Tensile Chrome Silicon Spring Wire, Landrum Quarter Midget Springs are expertly produced at our Indiana location.

    Check out this video to learn more.

    Technical information about Landrum Spring materials and manufacturing can be found here