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    UTV and ATV Coil Over Springs

    Landrum Performance Springs has designed a new coil spring specifically for the Quarter Midget Racers:

    • 4″ & 5″ Free Length with maximum travel
    • Ultra-Lightweight to reduce un sprung weight
    • Each spring is individually tested
    • Made in the USA with the best Chrome Silicon Material
    • Full range of rates available for precise tuning
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    Coil Over Barrel Springs

    Every Landrum Performance Coil spring comes with a dyno sheet. The dyno sheet shows the dynamic rate and force output for the spring in 0.200” increments. This allows the customer to know exactly what the spring rate is and means when you change a spring, you know exactly what change is being made.

    Available in lengths of: 11″, 12″ , 13″, 14″, 15″ & 16″

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    Front Drag Coil Springs

    Coil Over Springs – High Travel

    Landrum Performance Springs designed a coil over spring specifically for high travel applications such as: dirt, pavement and drag racing.  The Landrum Coil Over Spring is designed to exceeds the high-performance demands for racing and remains consistent.

    Landrum Performance Spring strives to manufacturer the highest quality suspension springs on the market. Manufactured with the highest-quality Chrome Silicon wire, every Landrum Performance Spring is engineered to provide an accurate spring rate and long life of service. Every Landrum Performance Spring is preset to solid height during the manufacturing process. This means every spring will be able to be compressed to solid during use. Each Landrum Performance Spring comes with a dyno sheet showing exactly what spring rate change is being made. This helps you make better, more accurate decisions and put you ahead of the competition.

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    Conical/Coil Over Springs

    Landrum Performance Conical Springs are designed to provide a linear spring rate from free length to solid height while tapering from a 2.5” ID to a 5” OD.  They have a 5” OD like a conventional rear spring at one end and a 2.5” ID at the other end.  The 5” OD body diameter helps prevent bowing issues on these long, light-rate, high travel springs. Made with the highest quality Chrome Silicone High Tensile steel. With the proper hardware, they can be used as coil-overs or conventional mount springs. Available in 18in length and rates of 50, 075 and 100.