Front Drag Racing Coil Springs – The Best Performance

Landrum Performance Front Drag Racing Coil Springs are designed to deliver the performance, reliability, and consistency you need to win. Landrum front drag race springs are taller than OEM springs and use softer rates to give your car the correct ride height while providing more stored energy for instant weight transfer during launch. This helps to give you increased torque control, reduced wheel hop, and faster 60ft and 1/4-mile ET’s.

Landrum drag race springs are available for the front suspension of GM vehicles and are offered in configurations to fit OEM A-Arms and Aftermarket A-Arms with no modifications required. Springs with a 5” outer diameter and 18” length are available for 1964-1972 GM vehicles, and springs with a 5.5” outer diameter and 18” length are offered for 1973 and newer models.

Front Drag Racing Coil Spring Rates

Our Front Drag Racing Coil Springs are available in a range of rates including:

  • 150 lbs./in.
  • 165 lbs./in.
  • 180 lbs./in.
  • 200 lbs./in.
  • 225 lbs./in.
  • 250 lbs./in.

Technical Information

All front springs are closed and ground on one end to provide proper contact with the frame. The opposite end is either open to properly fit into the lower control arm of OEM A-Arms or closed for Aftermarket A-Arms.

Landrum Performance Front Drag Racing Coil Springs are light weight, high travel and made with the highest-grade High Tinsel Chrome Silicon Steel wire.

The drag race springs are cold wound, not hot wound. Each is properly heat treated and stress relieved to ensure the sides of the spring remain parallel during installation.

All Landrum Front Drag Racing Coil Springs use standardized testing procedures to ensure the best quality and performance.

Our springs are powder coated and not plated which avoids hydrogen embrittlement, a condition that can be caused by electroplating and can weaken metal.

Each spring is manufactured with the highest tolerance in mind and is designed with the correct pitch and height ratio to insure a consistent rate throughout the entire cycle.

More technical and application information can be found here.


Spring Compressor for Long Length Coil Springs

This Spring Compressor makes it easy to install our 18” Front Drag Racing Coil Springs. Standard spring compressors just aren’t long enough to properly compress 18” springs, but our spring compressor is. The spring compressor is inserted through the top shock absorber opening and a long length threaded rod allows the compressor fingers to reach down to the bottom of the spring. A position adjustable bearing located toward the top of the rod seats on the top of the shock opening so the threaded rod turns freely when the spring compressor is tensioned or loosened.

Retail Price: $169.00

To purchase a spring compressor:

  • Add a spring compressor to your Front Drag Racing Coil Springs order.
  • Or to purchase a spring compressor separately click here.
Download Spring Compressor Instructions:

Download “Spring-Compressor-Instructions-2.0.pdf”

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