Dirt Late Model Coil Over Springs – #1 Best Performing

Landrum Dirt Late Model Coil Over Springs give you the winning edge.

What are Dirt Late Model Coil Over Springs?

Landrum Dirt Late Model Coil Over Springs are engineered for maximum travel, clearance, coil spacing and lightness to meet and exceed the extreme demands of Dirt Late Model racing. Our springs provide the performance, durability and consistency needed to win.

Coil over springs that don’t take a set

  • Preset to solid height during manufacture, allowing them to be compressed to solid during use while providing consistent performance throughout their range of travel.
  • Dirt Late Model Coil Over Springs are built to operate at maximum stress levels without losing free height. So, they’re able to go to coil bind and not take a set.

Proven dirt late model coil over springs performance

Landrum springs have the closest tolerances in the industry and are tested to be within 2% of specification. We prove it with a dyno sheet provided with each spring showing the performance of the spring as it is compressed. No other racing spring manufacturer does this.

Top quality materials and engineering

  • Manufactured with only the best grade of high tensile chrome silicon alloy steel for strength, durability, and lightness.
  • Designed using the latest spring design software and state-of-the-art engineering technology.

Intensive quality control processes

  • Tensile and compressive stiffness of the wire is checked before the coiling process.
  • Springs undergo an intensive heat and press process.
  • Each spring is individually tested for quality and consistent performance.

Dirt late model coil over spring sizes

  • Dirt Late Model Coil Over Springs have 2.5” ID and are available in many different length and rate combinations.

Conical and progressive coil over springs for dirt late model cars

Landrum offers other springs for dirt late model cars:

Conical Coil Over Springs

Progressive Coil Over Springs


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