Conical Coil Over Springs

Landrum Performance Conical Coil Over Springs taper from a 5.0” OD to a 2.5” ID to prevent bowing that can occur with long and slender coil over springs. Using the proper hardware, the high travel, low-rate conical spring can be used as coil-over springs or conventional mount springs.

Durable and consistent Landrum Performance conical coil springs are designed for circle track, dirt late model, and pavement late model cars.

Advantages of Conical Coil Over Springs

  • The conical spring shape provides greater lateral stability to avoid lateral deflection.
  • Conical coil springs allow more precise control of spring deflection.
  • When compressed the tapered spring coils fit into the other (coil telescoping). This decreases solid height at full compression to provide a higher range of travel.
  • The linear spring rate from free length to solid height provides a more usable range of deflection.
  • Lighter weight than non-tapered suspension springs.

Landrum Quality

  • Produced with the highest quality US made High Tensile Chrome Silicon wire.
  • Manufactured to the tightest tolerances in the industry and guaranteed to hold their tolerance to 2%. We prove it with a dyno sheet included with each spring.
  • Durable

Conical Coil Over Spring Sizes

  • Free Length: 18”
  • 5.0” OD and 2.5” ID
  • Available Rates: 50, 75, and 100 lbs. per inch

Additional Landrum Performance Springs technical information can be found here.


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