Coil Over Barrel Springs

Landrum Coil Over Barrel Springs avoid the bending and bowing issues associated with long length coil over springs.

High travel coil over springs with lengths more than 4 times their width have a tendency to bow when compressed. The greater the length of the spring, the more it can bow. Causing spring rate inconsistency, and possibly cause damage to shocks if they make contact. Our Coil Over Barrel Springs use a barrel shape design to prevent bowing when they’re compressed. Thereby maintaining spring performance.

How Do Coil Over Barrel Springs Prevent Bowing?

  • The conical shape of our Coil Over Barrel Springs allows more even stress distribution across the length of the spring, which provides lateral stability. Making the springs less prone to bending or bowing sideways during compression.

What Are the Advantages of Coil Over Barrel Springs?

  • Provide more consistent and controlled weight transfer during cornering and acceleration. Keeping tires in the best contact with the surface.
  • Increased spring travel before coil bind.
  • Lateral stability keeps the spring properly seated.
  • Avoiding bending or bowing keeps the spring from rubbing against the shock body, which could damage the threads of the shock adjusting perch.
  • The barrel shape allows for efficient use of materials.
  • By tapering the spring, it can be designed to be both lightweight and structurally sound.

The Best Materials and Engineering

  • Manufactured with only the best grade of high tensile chrome silicon alloy steel for strength, durability, and lightness.
  • Designed using the latest spring design software and state-of-the-art engineering technology.

Intensive Quality Control Processes

  • Tensile and compressive stiffness of the wire is checked before the coiling process.
  • Springs undergo an intensive heat and press process.
  • Each spring is individually tested for quality and consistent performance.

Dyno Sheet

  • Every Landrum Performance Coil spring comes with a dyno sheet that shows the dynamic rate and force output of the spring in 0.200” increments. This allows you to know exactly what the spring rate is and means when you change a spring, you know exactly what change is being made. No other manufacturer does this.

Learn more about Landrum’s tight spring tolerances here

Coil Over Barrel Spring Sizes

  • 5” ID x 11” length available with rates of 125 lb./in to 600 lb./in
  • 5” ID x 12” length available with rates of 100 lb./in to 350 lb./in
  • 5” ID x 13” length available with rates of 125 lb./in to 350 lb./in
  • 5” ID x 14” length available with rates of 125 lb./in to 275 lb./in
  • 5” ID x 15” length available with rates of 80 lb./in to 100 lb./in
  • 5” ID x 16” length available with rates of 105 lb./in to 135 lb./in

More Landrum technical information available here.


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