Coilover Springs – Circle Track, Drag, Street, Offroad

Coilover Springs 

Landrum High Travel, Lightweight, Precise and Dependable Coilover Springs

Race proven Landrum coilover springs are specially engineered for high travel applications including circle track, drag racing, street and offroad. Manufactured in the United States with the highest-quality Chrome Silicon steel wire, our coilovers are engineered for maximum high travel performance, long service life and to be lightweight. Every spring is preset to solid height during manufacturing, allowing them to be compressed to solid while providing consistent high performance throughout their range of travel. Using incredibly precise manufacturing tolerances, we ensure all our springs perform exactly as they were originally engineered. Each Landrum coilover spring comes with a dyno sheet showing its dependable performance.

Available Coilover Spring Sizes

  • 4-inch to 22-inch lengths
  • 1.9-inch to 3.75-inch ID
  • 50 lb./ft to 850 lb./ft spring rates

Circle Track Coilover Springs

Landrum circle track coil over springs have helped put many drivers in the winner’s circle. Including racers of oval dirt track, dirt modified, dirt late model and oval pavement cars. Landrum springs are designed to exceed the high-performance demands of racing.

Offroad Coilover Springs

High performance offroad suspensions need durable high travel springs that provide consistent performance throughout their range of travel. Landrum offroad coil over springs provide just that. Our wide variety of spring sizes and rates allow you to find exactly what you need for your offroad suspension set up.

Street Performance Coilover Springs

Coilover suspension conversions for street performance cars continue to grow in popularity. Landrum makes it easy to find street performance coil over springs in the right length, ID, and rate to help your car handle and ride the way you want.

Landrum Hot Rod Coilover Springs

With hot rods, stance is what it’s all about. Landrum hot rod coil over springs are offered in sizes so you can get the stance that makes your ride look great. Our lightweight, precise, and dependable springs give you what you need.

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