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Leaf Springs

Racers who utilize the Leaf Spring Suspension and who compete weekly on the top racing circuits nationwide need quality, consistent and durable suspension components.

Why Ours Are #1 in the Industry!

  • They include an extra heavy-duty clench clip system which prevents
    inconsistent side bite.
  • They contain not only chrome vanadium, but also the correct mixture
    of carbon, manganese, silicon, nickel, molybdenum and tungsten.
    This ensures consistent and proper spring rate as well as longer life.
  • Their Teflon inserts prevent inner leaf friction.
  • They showcase diamond-trimmed leaves to maintain more consistent
    spring rate than tapered-end leaves.
  • They have the closest arch tolerance in the racing industry.
  • We have a variety of rates to choose from.
  • The material and workmanship are second to none and proudly made
    in the USA.