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Drag Racing Front Spring Tech

Drag Racing Front Spring Tech

Landrum designed their front drag racing coil springs to ”store” energy for instant, maximum weight transfer for launching. The springs are tall and constructed from small-diameter, high-tensile chrome silicon wire, providing the correct rate for the listed application.



  • Designed for drag racing where maximum weight transfer is needed.


  • Engineered to hold a great amount of stored energy for instant weight transfer.


  • Manufactured from only the best high-tensile chrome silicon material.


Note: To get the desired front end height (ride height), it may be necessary to modify the springs. A too-tall spring may be lowered by cutting off a portion of a coil (usually around 1/4 to 1/2 of the coil). Many factors affect the front end height, and wheel offset is a major consideration. A front wheel offset to the outside will increase leverage of the lower A-frame against the coil spring, and the nose of the car will be lower. Disc brake spacers will further impact the height. Adding or removing as little as 50 pounds can also make a difference. Take this into consideration when adding a fiberglass hood, aluminum heads, or when putting the battery in the trunk. Although these changes will alter the height of the car, the spring rates will be unaffected as long as you stay within the guidelines. The front end should always be weighed to ensure proper spring selection.


Below are suggestions on selecting a spring for your application.


Front End Weights

1400lbs – 1500lbs =    150 Rate

1500lbs – 1600lbs =     180 Rate

1600lbs – 1700lbs =      200 Rate

1700lbs – 1800lbs =      225 Rate

1800lbs – 1900lbs =      250 Rate

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