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Tender Springs

Landrum Performance Springs, Front Coilover springs are ground on one end, and the rear springs on both, to ensure proper contact with the jack plate and spring seats. They are cold-wound, not hot-wound. They are powder-coated, not plated. They are designed with the correct pitch and height ratio and are given standardized testing procedures. Landrum Performance Springs, gold springs are engraved with the exact rate and serial number for each and every coil. Plus, they include the dyno data of each one, detailing the dynamic rate in graphic and numerical form.

Available in lengths of: 1.75″, 2.25″, 2.50″ & 3″

Part #LengthIDRatePrice
X1.75-7001.752700 $ 49.99
X2.25-5002.252500 $ 49.99
X2.50-1752.502175 $ 49.99
X2.50-3252.502325 $ 49.99
X2.50-4002.502400 $ 49.99
X2.50-5002.502500 $ 49.99
X3.00-1753.002175 $ 49.99