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Elite 5″ OD Front Coil Springs

Landrum Performance Springs is proud to present the, Landrum Elite Series, for circle track racing. After extensive research, development and engineering, the Elite Series is designed to exceed the high demands racers and crew chiefs expect. Landrum has hand selected only the best Chrome Silcom High Tensile American Made Steel. The Elite Series is lite weight and will give the most travel with no loss in spring height or rate. As always, Landrum Performance Springs has the tightest tolerance in the industry and you always get a dyno sheet to prove it. Don’t settle for the anything but the best.

Available in lengths of: 9.5″ (B-E Series) & 10.5″ (BB-E Series)

Tip: 1964-72 Chevelle & Monte Carlo, 1967-69 Camaro & Firebird, 1968-74 Nova and Pintos & Mustang II Mini-Stocks

Part #LengthODRateColorPrice
B300-E9.55300Bengle Silver $ 99.99
B350-E9.55350Bengle Silver $ 99.99

Back Ordered
B400-E9.55400Bengle Silver $ 99.99
B450-E9.55450Bengle Silver $ 99.99
B500-E9.55500Bengle Silver $ 99.99
B525-E9.55525Bengle Silver $ 99.99
B550-E9.55550Bengle Silver $ 99.99
B600-E9.55600Bengle Silver $ 99.99
B650-E9.55650Bengle Silver $ 99.99
BB300-E10.55300Bengle Silver $ 99.99
BB350-E10.55350Bengle Silver $ 99.99
BB400-E10.55400Bengle Silver $ 99.99
BB450-E10.55450Bengle Silver $ 99.99