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landrum-champion-logoWhen you hear someone state they are a champion what comes to your mind? Someone who was consistent, won more races, or was faster than their competitors are just a few things. By definition a champion is- a person who has defeated or surpassed all rivals in a competition. At Landrum Performance Spring we understand there is so much more that goes into a championship than winning races. You have to stay consistent every week to win a championship whether at your local track or at the national level. This is why we pride ourselves in giving the racer a top quality spring that you can rely on every time you are at the track. Being racers ourselves we also understand the countless hours the team puts in the garage that the fans who idolize you don’t see. We understand the miles that are put in driving track to track and the family time that becomes a sacrifice. This is why we want to honor those who battled week in and week out to defeat their rivals for a national title or a track championship by giving you 50% off one order of up to four coil springs and supply you with a Championship Landrum decal to display proudly on your car for the 2017 season. If you are a champion that uses Landrum springs please email a photo of you with your trophy that will be used in a video, the track(s) or national tile(s) you won, and we will get your certificate mailed out. We congratulate you and look forward to a spectacular 2017!
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